First Aid at Work (Occupational)

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About Course


About this course

Welcome to this course in First Aid at Work. It will enable you gain relevant skills in first aid for responding to different emergencies that occur at the work place or even at home. Emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone therefore we need to be equipped with first aid skills so as to save a life, enhance recovery and ensure human dignity.

 Course Objectives

At the end of this part of the course, having passed the assessment, you will be competent in the skills needed to:

  1. Manage an Incident in which people are ill or have been injured
  2. Take care of them until medical help is available.
Course Schedule (duration of course)

Not exceeding 30 days from starting date

Instructional materials and equipment

Audio-visuals and notes related to the course objectives via computers and tablets.

 Course evaluation

Question & Answer Forum (response time on opening topics, response time on answering questions)

Course texts

St John Ambulance First Aid Manual.

Topics for this course

42 Lessons

Lesson 1: Course Overview

Lesson 1.1: Introduction and definition of terms
Lesson 1.2: Aims of first aid or why we do First Aid
Lesson 1.3: Responsibilities of a first aider
Lesson 1.4: Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
Topic one questions

Lesson 2: Problems Encountered During Incident Management

Lesson 3: Primary Survey, Secondary Survey and Making an Emergency Call

Lesson 4: Unconscious Breathing and Unconscious Non Breathing Casualty Management

Lesson 5: Disorders of airway and breathing

Lesson 6: Disorders of circulation

Lesson 7: Dressings, Bandages & Bleeding

Lesson 8: Head Injuries

Lesson 9: Burns

Lesson 10: Poisons

Lesson 11: Musculoskeletal Injuries

Lesson 12: Lifting and Carrying

Final Theory Paper

The End

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The course has been wonderful.
It has equipped me with necessary skills to save a life,promote recovery and...be able to prevent further injuries on a casualty of any accident.
Together with the practical skills. I know I can do great..THANK YOU

I have enjoy this course and I have gain alot what a life skill training thanks st John's

Thank you very much for your very valuable training.I feel much better prepared to deal with emergencies.Thank you for sharing your wisdom,experience,and personable presentations.

Very insightful life skill training.

I'm so glad have acquired slot of knowledge on this it has opened my mind at a large.I encourage everyone who needs to pursue the course it's sooo nice.
To enterier St.Johns staff thank you for your support your excellent interns of surving customer God bless you all!

I particularly enjoyed this course – much more than I anticipated as it was thoroughly relevant, informative and engaging. It was enlightening to learn that helping and perhaps even saving a person’s life is far easier than I had imagined.